Non-Surgical Treatments

In addition to our many surgical options, North American Spine partner physicians also have a wide range of ablations and injections for those who do not want surgery or are not surgical candidates. These procedures often are not permanent solutions, but they may be repeated when pain returns. They are extremely quick procedures with virtually no recovery time.


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Types of Non-Surgical Treatments

  • Facet Joint Ablation

    Facet joint nerve ablation, also referred to as facet radiofrequency ablation, is a procedure used to purposefully disrupt nerves in your spinal column that provide sensation to spinal joints called facet joints. Read more

  • Epidural Steroid Injection

    Epidural steroid injections are shots of corticosteroids in the epidural space near the spinal cord. They are aimed at reducing inflammation and easing pain. Read more

  • Facet Joint Injection

    Facet Joint Injections (also called Selective Facet Medial Branch Block, Medial Block, Facet Nerve Block, or Facet Injection) are mixtures of anesthetic and steroids, and… Read more

  • Medial Branch Block

    Medial branch blocks are injections of anesthetic that have proven effective for both diagnosing and treating back pain. Read more

  • Regenerative Injection

    Regenerative medicine therapy involves injecting the affected area in the spine with stem cells or platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the patient to stimulate the… Read more

  • Selective Nerve Root Block

     A Selective Nerve Root Block is a diagnostic and therapeutic tool that can help your doctor determine the source of your back or neck pain. Read more

  • Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection

    Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injections are steroids administered to relieve pain. Read more

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