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“From the rodeo to the cane to the fishing boat” – Mike S. (Age 63)

Procedures: IntelliSpine℠ Lumbar and Cervical Laser Procedures

Diagnoses: Herniated Disc, Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica, and Stenosis

‘s experience with North American Spine

I was a rodeo cowboy in my twenties and had some neck, back and pelvis injuries due to that. I then went into the white collar world but my back–particularly in my lumbar and cervical spine–had some deterioration and the pain became pretty bad. For about 8 years I was doing epidural steroid injections and taking a lot of pain medication. But that was really just a Band-Aid.

So Dr. McKee used a fluoroscope to examine me and he said he thought we could fix the problem. It was 100% successful for me. I sat up after the surgery and the pain was gone. It really was immediate. I actually just got back from a fishing trip in Louisiana – that may not have been possible before.

I’m a pretty active guy, but the pain made hunting and fishing really tough. Even having a conversation at the dinner table was painful if I had to turn my head from side to side. Also, in 2016 the government started cutting down on opioid prescriptions, so that made it harder to get the pain medications I was using. All those things made me want to try the IntelliSpine procedure.

My Patient Care Manager was Brittany. She was great. Very helpful and informative. Always very pleasant to talk to on the phone and professional. She was a great facilitator and made the process easier on me. And the facilities were excellent – I felt like I was at a country club spa. Everyone was intelligent and polite. It was a great experience.

Dr. McKee and Mike featured on Houston Life:

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