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“My kids got their mama back. I got my life back.” – Chrissy H. (Age 36)

Procedures: IntelliSpine℠ Lumbar and Cervical Laser Procedures
Diagnosis: Bulging/Herniated Disc

‘s experience with North American Spine

Lifestyle Before:
My life was put on hold because of the pain. I couldn’t do the one thing that I enjoyed most, which is being my kids’ biggest fan at their sports. I ended up losing my job and marriage, I was addicted to pain pills, and became very depressed, stressed out, hateful and irritated because of the pain. I lost a lot of sleep over the pain. My kids lost their momma because I was completely focused on the pain. I couldn’t stand, sit, or walk for over 10 minute periods. Life was awful.

Lifestyle After:
After the procedure, I have had some ups and downs regarding the healing process. I had several rounds of steroids and have gained some weight, but I would take that every day, all day over what I endured before the procedures. My kids got their momma back. I got my life back. I’m a much better person to be around. I’m happier. My life has taken a turn for the better. I enjoy watching my kids play sports. My headaches are gone and I sleep much better. I’M ME AGAIN YAAAAYYYYY!!

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