He immediately instilled my confidence in him as a surgeon and I have not been disappointed in the results! I am pain free and every day, I am thankful!

Linda C.

Within 24 hours of the surgery, I did not have any pain in my back, right buttock, down my right hip, down my thigh or in my right foot…My back is 100% pain free!

Mary K.

Since the laser spine surgery just over a month ago I have no pain in my back or legs. My energy levels are higher and my quality of life has heightened significantly.

Sheila N.

After spine surgery I had complete relief of all functions of disability. No pain anywhere. No side effects.

Richard F.

My kids got their mama back. I got my life back.

Chrissy H.

Life with Spondylolisthesis was low, I worked with lots of pain. Once I arrived home I would have to lay in bed the rest of the day. After surgery, I went on vacation with no wasted time sitting and resting my back! I’m able to practice sports with my children and live life!

Amy H.

My Patient Care Manager was great. Very helpful and informative. Always very pleasant to talk to on the phone and professional. …And the facilities were excellent. It was a great experience.

Mike S.

I was blown away by the results. A 180 degree change. Pain was gone and only mild ache on day of surgery. No longer required pain medications and able to sit without pain for the first time in 4 months. I am thrilled and believe the procedure was 100% successful to accomplish what was expected.

Marsha J.

I would wake in the morning, take 5-6 Advil to get going, and every few hours throughout the day to help with pain… I have not had any back or leg pain since surgery. Since surgery, me and my three boys have been fishing twice. Thanks for giving my life back.

Chris G.