Welsere C.

Diagnosis:  facet arthropathy, intervertebral disc displacement, spondylosis

Procedure:  Discectomy With Neural Decompression



For many years I was living in pain, my back pain was very bad. For 10 years I was going to doctor after doctors. I did all the shots and the pain keep getting worse. One day, I when online looking for back doctors and I found north American spine. They take my case north America spine safe my life.  I choose north America spine because no other doctors or hospitals wanted anything to do with me. I’m blessed and grateful for North America Spine. I’m grateful for that because they fixed my back.

Welsere underwent the Discectomy with Neural Decompression on his lumbar spine at our Plano location.

Life Before Surgery with NAS

It was very difficult for me to move around, get things done, and be able to sleep. I have not sleep in bed for 10 years.

Life After Surgery with NAS

I can walk and be active around the house