Ryan D.

Diagnosis:  spondylosis, spinal stenosis

Procedure:  Discectomy With Neural Decompression



Ryan struggled for years to find relief from his back pain. He finally turned to North American Spine to treat his Spondylosis and Spinal Stenosis.   Ryan underwent a Discectomy With Neural Decompression procedure at our Plano facility.

Life Before Surgery with NAS

Poor! As a parent of two boys and a youth coach I was unable to do any of my duties as a father and coach. Very frustrating!

Life After Surgery with NAS

Quality of life is much improved, and I am back to staying in shape and working with the youth.

Experience with NAS Team

No comparison! I had seen more than a handful of specialists and pain management experts. After my procedure at North American Spine the issues were fixed.  I only had one point of contact. Meredith was able to do all the leg work for me and had all of the answers. Don’t hesitate to give Meredith a call!