MaryAnn F.

Diagnosis:  intervertebral disc displacement, disc degeneration

Procedure:  Discectomy With Neural Decompression



MaryAnn had been trying for a couple years to resolve the pain in her lower back. She attempted injections and physical therapy in the hopes of relief. That’s where North American Spine came in to help.

MaryAnn underwent the Discectomy with Neural Decompression at one of our Houston locations.

Life Before Surgery with NAS

I had pain when I did most activities.

Life After Surgery with NAS

I am very active. I hike, downhill and cross country ski,. I went down the Grand Canyon for 21 days and slept every night in a two man tent with absolutely no pain.

Experience with the NAS Team

Excellent. The procedure took away all of the pain I had. They explained the procedure adequately. I only had to stay for 3 days. Pre-op, Procedure and Post op. Traveling to Houston was somewhat difficult, but worth it because all the pain went away!