Lisa M.

Diagnosis:  spondylosis, degenerative disc disruption

Procedure:  Discectomy With Neural Decompression


Life Before Surgery with NAS:  My life was turned upside down due to a herniation of a disc in my lower spine. I couldn’t do much of anything outside of going to work. To clean house or cook was a painful battle. I had to discontinue my active physical activities including biking, gardening, exercise and postures/stretching. I was sleeping minimally at night and my job was extremely painful. It was even difficult to sit for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Life After Surgery with NAS:  I am on the road to recovery, taking it slow and sure as I am an aggressive skier, biker and exerciser.  I am not as strong as I was before, but I don’t see any reason at this point why I won’t be within the year.  With an injury like mine, my physician impressed that the nerve healing would take time, and I must take it slow.  I am starting regular exercise and getting on the bike for short periods of time.  I am back to my fast track walk and able to do my household chores and cooking with ease.   

Experience with the NAS Team:  My PCM was excellent in professionalism and genuinely cared about my journey and results.  She worked continuously to get my paperwork moved through as efficiently as possible.  She was organized and reliable and always returned my calls and texts, right away.

NAS was personal, efficient and less expensive as compared to other healthcare experiences. 

Experience with NAS Surgeon:  Professional, skilled and great communicator.  Interested in me as an individual.