Larry C.

Diagnosis: spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, spondylosis

Procedure: Lumbar Laminectomy



Larry had attempted conservative treatments, including injections, before turning to North American Spine to help back pain caused by his Degenerative Disc Disease and Spondylosis.  He underwent a Lumbar Laminectomy at our Plano location to treat his Degenerative Disc Disease and Spondylosis.

Life Before Surgery with NAS

My condition had progressively worsened over the years to a point that I couldn’t do the things I enjoyed doing without help and realized limitations on the lifestyle I had grown accustom to.

Life After Surgery with NAS

Since my surgery I am progressively regaining the ability to accomplish activities that I enjoy and was unable to do before surgery.

Experience with NAS Team

I had done research over a couple of years to determine the best approach and where I felt I would get the best help…I’m sure I picked the right place.  Compared to other healthcare experiences, my experience with NAS was exceptional.  Having a single point of contact to guide me, answer questions, coordinate with insurance, schedule appointments, etc. was awesome and this was provided by NAS as part of service.

Experience with NAS Surgeon

NAS referred me to the best doctor I’ve dealt with since I was a kid. He took the time to completely explain my diagnosis and possible procedures in a way that I understood and gave me time to make a decision without feeling pressure.