John’s Story

“I would recommend NAS without hesitation due to the professionalism, friendliness, kindness, and how they put a person in such a relaxed, stress-free environment. Concerned from the beginning all the way through the final results meant the world to my wife and I.” – John F

After attempting multiple conservative treatments including injections and physical therapy, John turned to North American Spine to relieve pain from Spinal Stenosis and Radiculopathy.

John underwent a Lumbar Laminotomy procedure at our Minneapolis location to help relieve his spine pain.

“Heads and shoulders above any other healthcare organizations!! North American Spine treats you like their own family and made the whole process easy to deal with. The follow-up was so unbelievably good as I have never had an experience with follow ups from other providers”

  • Life Before Surgery with North American Spine

    "My quality of life started going downhill about 4 years or so ago, starting with the sciatic nerve in the leg only then progressively took over the whole right leg/foot, then started in on my back. I was relinquished to barely walking let alone try to help do anything, or bend."

  • Life After Surgery with North American Spine

    “100% improvement although not 100%!! It has been three weeks since my surgery and a lot of the little things that you take for granted, are starting to become easier for me, including taking care of myself, and helping in a small way around the house.”

  • Experience with the North American Spine Team

    “The professionalism and friendliness, was so relaxing and made the whole experience stress free and uplifting. Callie was awesome and so fun to speak with, Mary, the clearance nurse was very helpful and enjoyable to talk to. Elizabeth, even collecting the payment for the procedure, made it seem like it wasn't even a bad thing, and Shaunna, the post-surgery contact, was super and willing to help in any way she could, upbeat, friendly, and very enjoyable to talk to.”

  • Experience with the North American Spine Surgeon

    "Dr. Stephano Sinicropi, was so pleasant and nice to talk to. I had my wife with me, so we could understand what was going to take place, and Dr. Sinicropi, talked to us in a way that we understood exactly what was going to take place and how it would work. Very relaxed atmosphere and enjoyable visit."

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