Denise A

Denise’s Story

“I had been to other spine specialists and they told me I had to live with the pain, and there was nothing they could do for me. Their diagnosis was unacceptable to me, so, I searched out the folks at North American Spine and am so glad I did.” – Denise A

After attempting multiple conservative treatments including injections and physical therapy, Denise turned to North American Spine to relieve pain from bulging discs and spinal stenosis.

Denise underwent the Lumbar Intellispine procedure at our Dallas location to help alleviate her spine pain.

“I can touch my toes, by bending at the waist.  I can run, ride my horses, chase cattle in the pasture on a horse or 4-wheeler, and my husband is happy again.”

  • Life Before Surgery with North American Spine

    Prior to my procedure, I was extremely limited to the activities I could do. My lifestyle on our 1000-acre ranch was such that I could not walk 30 yards without pain, which made working or any activity very difficult. If I did anything at all it was to sit and watch everyone else have all the fun. Just standing was difficult for me.

    My balance was severely affected and every step was a challenge. Lifting any amount of weight would put me in the bed the next day and on medications that I could not even pronounce. Then, with the medication came bouts of memory loss and confusion that put everyone in our family on edge wondering what “Mom” was going to do or say next that did not make any sense. The horses were a danger to me because if they accidentally bumped me, I went to the ground like a child and they did not understand what I was doing there. My grandchildren and children thought that I was beyond repair and stopped coming around because I was "grouchy" and to touch me was to hurt me. In all, my quality of life was very poor compared to the years prior to the injury on my spine.

    I could not ride horses, four-wheelers, or ride in a pickup. There was no regular walking and running, no kickboxing, no cooking big meals for the family, or any of the things Moms are supposed to do. I could not sit at church even for the whole service. My husband joked that he was going to have to put me down if I did not get some help. He is very loving and could not bear to see me in pain.

  • Life After Surgery with North American Spine

    Dr. Basem Abdelfattah did my surgery and it was a success. The staff are precise, efficient and easy to work with. Dr. A works with many, many patients to restore their spine to working order. He made a very small incision which healed in less than 3 weeks, and used the spine's natural openings and cleaned up 5 areas that were giving me pain.

    I awoke from surgery to a new body. Yes, there was pain, but it was nothing like prior to the surgery. I walked out of the clinic and rode 2 hours home. My rehab has been a total of 8 months and by following all the rules and doing all the exercises, stretching and strength training, I am now able to return to my previous activities.

    I can touch my toes, by bending at the waist. I can run, ride my horses, chase cattle in the pasture on a horse or 4-wheeler, and my husband is happy again. And, he is a little more secretly happy if you know what I mean.

    I walk about 6 miles a week and run about 2 a week at this point. I can pick up babies and feed buckets and get in and out of the pickup without any pain. I will continue with the training to get in even better shape as time goes on, all with no more pain. I am still very careful about positioning and proper form and I do not push the limits of how much I can lift.

    A rule of thumb is, if I cannot pick that weight up 5 times without pain then do not lift it. The stretching and therapy is a daily process and will be for the rest of my life, but if that is needed to get away from the type of pain I had before, then so be it.

  • Experience with North American Spine

    I talked to the efficient staff at North American Spine and they were super helpful and put my mind at ease about the help they could provide me.

    It was a very short time between the time they received my MRI and reports and the time they got me on the operating table. They gave me hope that my pain would be alleviated. True to their word, I met the doctor who talked to me about my surgery options, and not only could they help me, they could also restore my lifestyle to its previous state prior to injury. With my own hard work and strength training after the surgery they assured me of total rehabilitation.

    I owe my life to Dr. A. and the staff at North American Spine. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

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