Cheryl's Story

“As the mom you’re supposed to be able to things for your kids, or your grand-kids, or your husband but with the back pain it was hard to do. North American Spine has given me my life back.” – Cheryl C

As a mother, grandmother and wife, Cheryl’s back pain made caring for her family more difficult than normal. When she saw a North American Spine commercial on TV, she “figured you had nothing to lose”. She went online, filled out a form and within a day got an email from her Patient Care Manager to start the process.

To help relieve Cheryl’s pain caused by Spondylolisthesis, Spondylosis, and Spinal Stenosis, North American Spine surgeons performed an Anterior and Posterior 360 Fusion at our Houston location.

“North American Spine was above and beyond other healthcare experiences. I have to say that I was surprised and that I wasn’t expecting the level of care, professionalism and speed with which my account was handled. I wish all medical groups/appointments were this easy!”

  • Life Before Surgery with North American Spine

    "My quality of life was degenerating. I was in constant pain in my back or burning in my legs. I was having trouble completing my work to my satisfaction. It was taking a toll on my health overall and impacting my family life."

  • Life After Surgery with North American Spine

    "Having had two c-sections and a gastric bypass, I compare everything to that. This procedure they did for me was an Anterior Posterior 360. That sounds very big and scary, but it’s not. The pain was nothing compared to my prior procedures. I didn’t have to wear a back brace. You forget what your life was like before not having that pain and being restricted.

    After surgery, I'm much improved. I'm gaining strength and stamina each day. I'd say that 90% of my symptoms have been resolved and I'm confident that my back is fixed and stable. I am a very active person. I just completed building a shelving system in my garage with 2x4's and plywood. It was a long process in theory since I only worked on it a little at a time but I feel very accomplished and almost back to my pre-problem self. "

  • Experience with the North American Spine Surgeon

    "Dr. Badlani was outstanding. He was friendly and very patient with my list of questions. I felt extremely confident in what he was going to do to my back. The after appointments were always on time with little to no wait. His assistant, Cheryl was very prompt in returning my calls as needed and very professional. They never made me feel as if my questions or concerns weren't valid. I highly recommend him and his team and have referred others to the institute for help."

  • Experience with the Patient Care Manager

    "From the beginning, Arianne took full control and managed my process completely. She always returned my calls within a few hours. She took care of making my doctor appointment initially and starting the insurance ball rolling. She negotiated all of that. I didn’t have to do anything. If she didn’t know the answer, she got an answer for me. Everything was very smooth - I felt "pampered" by having someone dedicated to me."

  • What Were You Most Afraid of Before Surgery?

    "What was hindering me at the beginning of doing this was 'I don’t know how much it was going to cost'. You know this is back surgery I probably can’t even afford to have it done. My Patient Care Manager took care of all that for me."

“I’ve already recommended friends and strangers to North American Spine. I tell them to call and get an appointment. I tell them how easy and stress-free the process is and how much I’ve benefited from them.”

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