Arden's Story

“I had back pain for well over 40 years so it became a part of life. I was worried how surgery would turn out but now that I have had the surgery, I cannot express how wonderful life is without back pain. Thank you North American Spine.” – Arden S

Arden’s back pain started in his teens and after conservative treatment failed, he turned to North American Spine for a permanent solution.

To help relieve Arden’s pain caused by stenosis, lumbar disc disruptions and radiculopathy, North American Spine surgeons performed a 360 Fusion at our Dallas location.

“It now has been 3 months since surgery and I cannot get over how much better I feel. I get up in the morning and able to bend over the bathroom sink to wash and shave my face without any pain.”

  • Life Before Surgery with North American Spine

    "My lifestyle before surgery was very limited. I always had lower back pain, no matter what I tried. I would go to the fitness center to strength my back muscles because if I did not, my back would slip out of place very easy. As time passed, my lower back would slip out more often, even while wearing a back brace. Over the last two years, I had pains down both legs. I was going to the chiropractor for adjustments about weekly and once a month for spinal decompression. Over a three-year timespan, I had two MRIs, two epidural steroid injections, spinal decompression treatments and countless chiropractic adjustments."

  • Life After Surgery with North American Spine

    After I scheduled my surgery, I asked Dr. Carll if I would be recovered enough to go on a cruise 8 weeks after surgery. He assured me that there will be no issues. The people at North American Spine worked really hard to get my surgery scheduled in time for me to heal before my cruise.

    My hospital stay was four days. I returned home on a Friday and by Sunday, I was talking short walks outside. As the days went by, I just kept getting better. I had no back pains or pains down the legs. As expected, I did have surgery pain but as time passed, that lessened.

    It now has been 3 months since surgery and I cannot get over how much better I feel. I get up in the morning and able to bend over the bathroom sink to wash and shave my face without any pain. I have driven to Houston and back without back pain. Before surgery, when I would drive to Houston, I would stop at a rest area and my back would hurt so bad. I would need to stretch and walk around to loosen everything up; nowadays, have absolutely no back pain.

    I am now bass fishing on my boat every weekend without pain. Just this last weekend, I built a three panel wood fence with a gate, which included digging post holes. I kind figured I would be sore the next day but I did not experience any back pain.

  • Experience with the North American Spine Surgeon

    He reviewed my MRI and x-ray results with me and recommended what procedure was needed. His confident level was what impressed me. He was so sure that I would not have any issues with a 360-fusion type surgery. I can remember him telling me, ‘I cannot tell you when to get surgery, only you will know when it is time.’

    I did not get surgery right after my consultation but did within a few months. He was right, I would know when it was time. I was having chiropractic adjustments 2-3 times a week. If I traveled out of town, I would look up where the closest ‘The Joint’ center was because there was going to be a good chance I would need to go in for an adjustment.

  • Experience with the Patient Care Manager

    The people who work the front offices are wonderful. They helped getting an appointment set with my doctor. I knew I had found a place I could trust. My Patient Care Manager was great and she was like having a friend.

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