Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal fusion is a controversial surgical procedure in which a small section of the spine is fused into place in order to treat and prevent pain. Spinal fusion is a drastic step and should be undertaken only after serious consideration of less invasive alternatives, such as endoscopic surgery. Please contact North American Spine for more information about minimally invasive AccuraScope™ D.N.D. surgery and to learn what procedure may be best for you.

The Procedure

In a spinal fusion procedure, two or more vertebrae are locked together using pieces of bone drawn from the patient’s own body or a bone bank. Screws, plates and other mechanical fasteners may also be used to securely fuse the bone segments.

Spinal fusion should only be considered a last step in the treatment of back pain and is not recommended for all persons suffering from back pain. The spine is meant to move and flex. By preventing the free movement of spinal segments, a spinal fusion procedure will result in increased stress on the disc spaces adjacent to the fused level, as well as on muscles and supportive tissues of the spine. This increased stress, in addition to other problems associated with fusions, may create the need for future spinal surgeries.

If you suffer from severe back pain, the minimally invasive AccuraScope™ D.N.D. surgery techniques practiced at North American Spine may be able to resolve your back pain issues, while avoiding some of the risks associated with a spinal fusion surgery. Please contact us at 877.474.BACK for a consultation.