Spine Surgery Options and Procedures

All minimally invasive procedures are not created equal

North American Spine works with interventional pain specialists, orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons to match the patient to the right procedure(s). Our ultimate goal is to relieve patients’ pain symptoms through the least invasive means possible. For many patients, part of a suggested treatment plan will include the AccuraScope® Procedure or the CuraSpine Procedure.

The AccuraScope Procedure utilizes a natural opening at the base of your spine to access the spinal canal. In addition to being less traumatic, this approach allows the physician to guide instruments along the length of the lumbar spine, diagnosing and treating problems in real time. The least invasive surgery available, this procedure has the ability to treat multiple levels of damage with a single procedure.

Traditional spine surgery can include long incisions and the retraction of large bands of muscles. This traditional method can leave the patient with more pain, extensive healing time, and unnecessary scarring. Using CuraSpine, our surgeons make a small incision over the vertebrae to be treated and insert a series of dilators to separate the muscles for ease of access in performing minimally invasive surgeries. CuraSpine may reduce pain and healing time, and can leave the patient with minimal scarring.

Whether the AccuraScope Procedure or CuraSpine Procedure is right for your unique pain, North American Spine offers options that can help you get back to a life without pain.

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