Common Spinal Procedures

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Pain is such a simple word… it’s tough to imagine that it such as small word can describe the intense stabbing, aching, throbbing, burning, numbing sensation that makes it almost impossible for you to live the way you used to.

North American Spine provides treatment options for people who have neck or back pain – often extending into fingers and legs – and who have not found relief from other treatments.

If you have tried lifestyle changes, hot/cold compresses, medication, supervised exercise and physical therapy but still have chronic pain, don’t despair. North American Spine’s treatments have provided significant pain relief to patients who have not found relief from other treatments… including previous spine surgery.

North American Spine’s minimally invasive, outpatient spine procedures provide additional benefits beyond pain relief. They also minimize scar tissue, and can provide faster recovery than other minimally invasive spine procedures.

Research has also proven that the AccuraScope procedure saves patients a projected $23,190 over 5 years in average out-of-pocket medical costs by reducing the need for pain medication, doctor visits and other therapies.

Finding Your Best Treatment

The best treatment will depend on the location and type of symptoms that you are experiencing; your history of medical conditions and treatments; and a review of your MRI report. Specialists at North American Spine will discuss your case and will review your MRI at no charge. They will then contact you to let you know whether minimally invasive spine surgery is a recommended option for your situation.

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Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Treatment Options

Neck: Cervical Spine Pain
The first seven vertebrae (the cervical vertebrae) are in the neck and are numbered C1 through C7. Nerve compression in this area can cause neck pain, which may radiate down the arms to the hands and fingers.

If you are experiencing chronic neck pain, you could be a candidate for North American Spine’s Cervical Disc and Neural Decompression (D.N.D.). The Cervical D.N.D. is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure used to treat bulging and herniated discs in the neck.

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Upper Back: Thoracic Spine Pain
The next twelve vertebrae make up the thoracic region (T1 through T12); the ribs attach to these vertebrae and protect the heart and lungs. Few spinal problems can occur in this region; it is usually very stable due to its support from the rib cage.

If you are experiencing chronic pain in the thoracic spine, you could be a candidate for North American Spine’s Thoracic Disc and Neural Decompression (D.N.D.). In this minimally invasive procedure, a spine expert may insert a small endoscope into the targeted area of your spine. The endoscope allows the specialist to diagnose and treat causes of thoracic spine pain in a short outpatient procedure.

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Lower Back: Lumbar Spine Pain (Most Common)
The lumbar region is the lower back, which contains five vertebrae (L1 through L5). The lumbar spine plays a significant role in motion and flexibility. It is the source of most motion and supports most of the body weight. Overload or taxing movements may strain the structure, compress the nerves and cause back pain, which may radiate down the legs to the feet.

Most chronic back pain occurs in the lumbar spine (lower back). If you have chronic lower back pain, you may be a candidate for North American Spine’s exclusive AccuraScope procedure. In the AccuraScope procedure, a spine expert inserts an endoscope into the spinal canal using the canal’s natural opening at the sacral hiatus, in the sacrum. The specialist may then maneuver the endoscope up the inside of the spinal canal to multiple levels of the lumbar spine, to diagnose and treat multiple causes of back pain.

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The AccuraScope procedure has more than 8,000 success stories, and more than 95% of North American Spine patients would recommend North American Spine to a friend.

Every Spine Deserves Personalized Treatment

Every spine is unique. North American Spine’s collaborative, multi-specialty approach is designed to give each patient the best recommendation for his or her special case. We

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focus on lower-risk treatments to give patients cost savings and a better chance of success.

When you contact us, your medical history and MRI are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team including Physician Assistants, Interventional Pain Management specialists, Orthopedic Spine Surgeons and Neurosurgeons.

If minimally invasive spine surgery is recommended for your case, you will meet with a specialist to discuss treatment options, starting with the least invasive, and decide on the best plan for you.

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