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In addition to decompression procedures, stabilization procedures, and injections, North American Spine is proud to offer a few other advanced procedures. These procedures include radiofrequency ablation of painful nerves, an implanted neuro-stimulator device to disrupt pain signals before they reach the brain, and the restoration of vertebral stability via an injection of a strong cement-like material into a fractured vertebra.

Other Procedures

  • Facet Joint AblationFacet joint nerve ablation, also referred to as facet radiofrequency ablation, is a procedure used to purposefully disrupt nerves in your spinal column that provide... Read more.
  • KyphoplastyKyphoplasty is a type of minimally invasive procedure that is intended to stabilize the interior of a damaged spinal bone (vertebra) and decrease--or eliminate--pain. Read more.
  • Spinal Cord StimulatorA Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) is an implantable neurostimulator device that consists of a tiny insulated wire called a lead, placed in the epidural space... Read more.

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