Larry Gatlin: Country Music Singer/Songwriter
Location: Texas
Diagnosis: Disc bulge L3-5 with facet arthritis

I've had a very active life, but for 47 years there was never a day that I didn't have pain shooting down my right leg. One year after my AccuraScope procedure, I am a new man. A diet soda and The Lord's Prayer and I’m good to go... read more

Rick P. is walking 3-5 miles every day

Name: Rick P. Age: 51 Occupation: Construction Supervisor Diagnoses: Bulging/Herniated Disc Spinal Stenosis Degenerative Disc Disease Procedure: Lower Back/AccuraScope Procedure Lifestyle Before: Constant pain down both legs with numbness in both feet occasionally. 6 years of narcotic pain killers, anti inflammatories, and injections. Constant concern about loss of feeling and loss of strength with acute… read more

“I only expect things to get better!” -Jerry B.

Name: Jerry B. Age: 48 Occupation: Quality Engineer Diagnoses: Bulging/Herniated Disc Sciatica Procedure: Lower Back/AccuraScope Procedure Lifestyle Before: My life was degenerating quickly. In about 8 months my life had gone from being very normal and active to extremely limited and in pain almost constantly. While my local orthopedic surgeon said that based on my… read more

“It has been an incredible healing process.” – Dean S.

Name: Dean S. Age: 49 Occupation: Corporate Pilot Diagnosis: Bulging/Herniated Disc Procedures: Neck/Cervical AccuraScope Procedure Pain Mapping Lifestyle Before: Before my procedure, I lived a very active outdoor lifestyle which included back country hiking, canoeing, fly fishing, camping, biking, flying, riding the Harley etc. Once the cervical disc herniated, my activities diminished rapidly. The discomfort,… read more

Chris E.

“The medical staff is the very best I have ever encountered” – Chris E.

Name: Chris E. Age: 54 Occupation: IT – Database Administrator Diagnosis: Bulging/Herniated Disc Procedure: Lower Back/AccuraScope Procedure Lifestyle Before: I could no longer play golf, exercise, or jog. Lived with some sort of constant pain for 7 years straight, affected my sleep and my mood. Toes on right foot would cramp and curl continuously. Felt… read more

Mike R. was able to take a hunting trip.

Name: Mike R. Age: 49 Occupation: Heavy equipment Superintendent Diagnoses: Bulging/Herniated Disc Spinal Stenosis Degenerative Disc Disease Procedures: Lower Back/AccuraScope Procedure Pain Mapping Lifestyle Before: It was becoming very bad I was only able to walk about 2 to 3 hundred yards. Then I had to sit down. And I was taking a lot of… read more

William M

William M. was able to experience his travels

Name: William M. Age: 61 Procedures: Lower Back/AccuraScope Procedure Lifestyle After: I must tell you that just about 40 days after undergoing the spinal procedure in June 2011, my wife and I went on a cruise out of Rome, IT. We traveled to Sicily, Greece, and Turkey before returning to Rome. We remained in Rome… read more

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