Larry Gatlin: Country Music Singer/Songwriter
Location: Texas
Diagnosis: Disc bulge L3-5 with facet arthritis

I've had a very active life, but for 47 years there was never a day that I didn't have pain shooting down my right leg. One year after my AccuraScope procedure, I am a new man. A diet soda and The Lord's Prayer and I’m good to go... read more

“I would definitely go to North American spine again!” – Michelle M.

Name: Michelle M. Age: 36 Occupation: Clerk Diagnoses: Sciatica Bulging/Herniated Disc Procedure: Lower Back/AccuraScope Procedure Lifestyle Before: Before the procedure I had constant pain in my back. The sharp pain could shoot down my leg and my foot was constantly numb. There were times when I’d be sitting and it would take me a while… read more

“No more pain killers!” – Felipe E.

Name: Felipe E. Age: 45 Occupation: Logistics Professional Diagnosis: Bulging/Herniated Disc Procedure: Lower Back/AccuraScope Procedure Lifestyle Before: First of all thanks for taking me into account, well my condition was caused my an on the job accident, which actually got me like 3 months on site medicated with pain killers until I could get out… read more

“Each day gets a lot better.” – John Q.

Name: John Q. Age: 59 Occupation: General Transportation Manager Diagnoses: Sciatica Degenerative Disc Disease Procedures: Lower Back/AccuraScope Procedure Pain Mapping Lifestyle Before: My life was miserable. I wasn’t able to do anything! I couldn’t sleep, sit, stand or lay down. I couldn’t stand for the sheets on the bed to touch my right leg. My… read more

“Getting stronger and stronger.” – Joanne Z.

Name: Joanne Z. Age: 60 Occupation: gemologits/jewelry trainer Diagnoses: Bulging/Herniated Disc Sciatica Spinal Stenosis Degenerative Disc Disease Procedure: Lower Back/AccuraScope Procedure Lifestyle Before: I suffered many times over the years to the point of temporary disability. 2 surgeries before I was 30 that helped, but only temporary. I was pushed by many ortho docs over… read more

“I cannot say enough wonderful things.” – Andrea S.

Name: Andrea S. Age: 35 Occupation: Administration Diagnosis: Bulging/Herniated Disc Procedures: Neck/Cervical AccuraScope Procedure Lifestyle Before: Before my procedure, I was doing very little in my lifestyle – which was completely out of the norm for me. Any physical activity would flare up my condition and I rotated ice packs on my neck/shoulder the majority… read more

“I ride my bicycle again and feel just great.” – Joyce K.

Name: Joyce K. Age: 62 Occupation: Bookkeeper Diagnosis: Degenerative Disc Disease Procedure: Lower Back/AccuraScope Procedure Lifestyle Before: I did not have the normal lifestyle I was used to. If I sat in the evening to watch TV, eventually after about 30 to 45 minutes I could not stand the pain in my lower back and… read more

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