Larry Gatlin: Country Music Singer/Songwriter
Location: Texas
Diagnosis: Disc bulge L3-5 with facet arthritis

I've had a very active life, but for 47 years there was never a day that I didn't have pain shooting down my right leg. One year after my AccuraScope procedure, I am a new man. A diet soda and The Lord's Prayer and I’m good to go... read more

“The results are far better than I ever expected” – Mary V.

Name: Mary V. Age: 53 Location: Garland, Texas I first heard about North American Spine from: My brother is a prominent physician in Dallas, Texas. He told me that he had met a brilliant young doctor with North American Spine and he felt that they might be able to help me. I chose North American… read more


“I got my life back!” – Rosemary P.

Name: Rosemary P. Lifestyle Before: My lifestyle was managing through the day in horrible chronic pain in my lower back predominately on my right side. The pain radiated down my right leg. I had no center of balance. I averaged 1 to 3 hours of sleep a night. I was put on steroids, pain medications,… read more

“What you did for me was nothing short of a miracle” – Lowell K.

Patient Name: Lowell K. Age at time of Surgery: 68 Location: Ashville, Ohio Diagnosis: MRI indicated 3 problems with disc in back local, surgeon wanted to fix one. I was looking at possibly 3 surgeries. Procedure date: 10-20-2010 Pre-surgery life style/condition: The AccuraScope procedure took about 1 hour recovery room about 1 hour. All 3… read more


“PAIN FREE. Thanks North American Spine” – Todd P.

Name: Todd P. Age: 49 Occupation: Firefighter/store manager What city do you live in?: Poteau, OK Your diagnosis: Bulging/Herniated disc, Degenerative disc disease, sciatica, spinal stenosis, annular tear at L3-L4, bulging disc at L4-L5 and annual tear Your procedure: Lumbar Accurascope procedure, thoracic accurascope procedure, cervical, pain mapping. Before your procedure, what was your lifestyle… read more

“Me siento perfecto.” – Milton

En este video, Milton un paciente de sesenta años nos cuenta cómo después de haberse sometido a otra operación comenzó a sentir mucho dolor debido a unas hernias discales. Sin embargo, gracias al procedimiento AccuraScope de North American Spine todos estos dolores desaparecieron y solo necesita terapia para quedar perfecto. Milton Video: Yo soy Milton…. read more

“I had rejuvenation in my spirit.” – Tony

“I was doing a pretty difficult kick. I extended my leg, kicked and landed on my heel wrong and just instantly had back pain. I teach; I instruct; I show kicks; I show punches. From an employer’s eye, I was more or less dead weight. Months down the road, I reinjured my back. I was… read more

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