Real Patient Stories

96% of our patients would recommend their doctor a friend. Learn why by reading the testimonials below.

I cannot get over how much better I feel. I get up in the morning and able to bend over the bathroom sink to wash and shave my face without any pain.

Arden S.

NAS was above and beyond other healthcare experiences. I wish all medical groups/appointments were this easy!

Cheryl C.

My Patient Care Manager was great. Very helpful and informative. Always very pleasant to talk to on the phone and professional. …And the facilities were excellent. It was a great experience.

Mike S.

Now we can hike. Now we can golf. Now we can just go on a walk.

Mike G

I can exercise again, but most importantly I'm having fun and enjoying life and creating memories with my husband and kids.

Sherrill M

I was blown away by the results. A 180 degree change. I am thrilled and believe the procedure was 100% successful to accomplish what was expected.

Marsha J.

Everyone I dealt with at NAS was so enjoyable to work with. It was like they knew how much you were suffering and that they had gone through a similar experience themselves.

John F

After being in pain for 3 years, I simply do not know how to act! What a miracle!

Phillip W
Denise A

I owe my life to Dr. A. and the staff at North American Spine. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Denise A