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Typical Patient Experience

Each patient is assigned their own Patient Care Manager to guide them through the process to pain relief—from the MRI or CT review to scheduling surgery. The Patient Care Manager is a quarterback, a champion, an ally, and is always there to answer any questions, big or small. Because of the Patient Care Manager, patients should never need to call multiple departments, hit dead ends, or wonder what is happening with their care. This page provides an introduction to each step in the process.

1.Talk to your Patient Care Manager

Your Patient Care Manager will begin by discussing your symptoms, diagnosis, previous treatment, and medical history to ensure our medical team fully understands your case. They will answer any of your questions and help take any uncertainties out of the process. At this time, we may also provide a free insurance verification to find out if we can work with your specific plan

2.Free Review of your MRI or CT Scan & Insurance Benefits

The next step is to review your most recent MRI/CT written report and images, along with your symptom information. Depending on the age of your MRI, the medical team may want to see a new MRI. Once we have all the medical information required, we then send your chart to the best partner physician to treat your specific needs. Because every patient’s care is different, it’s important to first obtain all information needed to connect you with the proper physician.

Get A Free MRI/CT Review

3.Schedule Your Consult

Your Patient Care Manager will notify you and set up a consult with your physician to discuss your treatment plan options and any other medical question you may have.

4.Review your Insurance, Cost, and Financing Options

As part of our full-service approach, we will check your insurance coverage for you—this means you won’t have the headache of dealing with your insurance company directly. We provide a clear estimate of any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur. You can also inquire with your Patient Care Manager about financing options and ways to pay for your procedure.

Insurance & Financial Options

5.Pre-Surgery Clearance and Authorization

Once you have decided to move forward with surgery, you will review your medical history with a clearance nurse and complete pre-clearance testing as needed. We will also work to obtain authorization from your insurance company at this time, as they must pre-approve any surgical procedure.

6.Schedule Your Procedure and Make Travel Plans, if necessary

About 70% of our patients travel to see us. Should that be you, we will provide a list of nearby hotels, transportation info and more to make the trip go smoothly. Once a nurse clears you for surgery and insurance has approved, our scheduling team will call you with the next available surgery date.

7.Undergo Your Minimally Invasive Procedure

You will arrive at the surgical facility, where our staff will prepare you for surgery. You will most likely be placed under light general anesthesia and admitted to the procedure room. Most of our procedures are outpatient, though some may require a short hospital stay. The length of stay in the area ranges from three to ten days, but your physician can provide more detail at your consult prior to surgery.


To ensure you are comfortable after your procedure and because we constantly strive to improve, a post op coordinator will contact you several times after your procedure to ensure your recovery is going smoothly and answer any questions you may have. Of course, we’re always delighted when patients reach out to us, so don’t be a stranger.

We love your questions!

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