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A laminotomy and a laminectomy are related minimally invasive procedures that often relieve excessive pressure on the spinal cord or its associated nerve roots caused by degenerative discs, herniation, bulging discs, and spinal stenosis. Both procedures involve the lamina, a layer of bone protecting the spinal canal. A laminotomy refers to a partial removal of the bone, while a laminectomy refers to a total removal of the bone.

Benefits of Laminotomy/Laminectomy

Laminotomy/laminectomy is typically performed on an outpatient basis. As with all minimally invasive procedures, the laminotomy/laminectomy is less likely to cause extensive scarring or require an extended recovery than traditional open back surgery. In many cases, significant pain relief will be felt immediately, with the rest of the pain decreasing more gradually.

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Details of the Laminotomy/Laminectomy

Laminotomy is designed to remove only a minor segment of the lamina. The procedure is performed through a small incision, less than an inch in size. A small tube is placed in between the muscle fibers to preserve muscles, tendons and ligaments. Through this small tube, specialized instruments are used to decompress nerve roots, thus alleviating pain, weakness, and other symptoms. More space is created in the spinal canal by shaving small amounts of lamina, which is the bone covering the posterior of the spinal canal. Depending on the severity of your condition, your physician may perform another procedure in conjunction with the laminotomy/laminectomy.

While every surgery carries some risk, adverse complications are rare and most patients are able to go home the day of the surgery. Your physician will counsel you on these risks prior to the procedure.

Preparing for the Laminotomy/Laminectomy

Before pursuing a laminotomy/laminectomy, prospective patients should have tried conservative methods, such as physical therapy, chiropractic, and spinal injections. If those methods have not produced meaningful relief, you may be a candidate for a North American Spine procedure.

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Laminotomy/Laminectomy Recovery

Many patients will notice immediate improvement of some or all of their symptoms; however, other symptoms may improve more gradually. Many patients who undergo a laminotomy/laminectomy can often return to their regular activities within several weeks. This can vary depending on the individual patient, number of levels treated, and other factors. Recovery will include rest, physical therapy, and a variable course of pain management medication.

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Laminotomy/Laminectomy Testimonial

Larry L.

Condition: Spinal Stenosis

Procedure: Laminotomy/Laminectomy

“I was having to take so much medication because of the pain that i was becoming addicted to the pain killers.”

"I feel I have been given a new body, virtually without pain. All of my symptoms have been resolved to the point where I can again enjoy life. [Now I can] GO WITHOUT PAIN medication!"

“Quality of life was very poor before the surgery. I was in constant pain in my back and legs 24/7. I also had tremendous pain in my feet and toes. I could not wear regular shoes without a lot of pain. And I could not sleep because of the pain.”

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