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A discectomy is designed to significantly reduce—or completely eliminate—pain caused by herniated or bulging discs that are impinging on nerves or nerve roots.

Benefits of Discectomy

Discectomy, also known as microdiscectomy, often results in immediate, or very quick, relief of pain–including pain associated with sciatica–from a herniated disc. At North American Spine, discectomies are performed with small incisions, an inch or less in size, and minimal tissue damage or disruption.

To determine if you are a candidate for discectomy, contact one of our Patient Care Managers at 877.474.2225. The first step is to have your recent MRI or CT-scan reviewed for free by our medical team.

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Details of the Discectomy

Bulging, protruding, and herniated discs are caused by a weakness in the outer rim of the disc (annulus). The inner part of the disc (nucleus pulposus) then herniates or bulges out through the annulus and compresses a spinal nerve. This can result in severe back/neck pain, leg/arm pain, numbness, tingling or weakness.

After conservative measures have been attempted, a small incision, less than an inch long, is made in the back at the level being treated. A small tube is placed in between the muscle fibers to preserve muscles, tendons and ligaments. Through the small tube, specialized instruments and microscopes are used to create a small window in the bone. The nerves are gently moved to the side and the piece of disc material that is compressing the nerve is removed. The remaining majority of the disc is left intact.

While every surgery carries some risk, adverse complications are rare and most patients are able to go home the day of the surgery. Your physician will counsel you on these risks prior to the procedure.

Preparing for the Discectomy

Before pursuing a DND, prospective patients should have tried conservative methods, such as physical therapy, chiropractic, and spinal injections. If those methods have not produced meaningful relief, you may be a candidate for a North American Spine procedure.

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Discectomy Recovery

The recovery period following this procedure is typically much shorter than the recovery period for open spine surgery. While any surgery requires time to heal, many patients report relief within the first few days and are able to return to light activities soon. More in-depth, customized recovery guidelines will be provided by your North American Spine physician.

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Connie M.

Condition: Pinched Nerve

Procedure: IntelliSpineSM (Lumbar)

“I think vacations will be fun again!”

“I had two lumbar, two thoracic and one IntelliSpine℠ Cervical Laser Procedure. From the very first surgery I could sleep all night!”

“I spent many years trying everything from chiropractic and massage (alternating each every other week for at least 15+ years) and several rounds of physical therapy; to multiple level spinal injections (only lasting about 2 ½ weeks) and had three rhizotomys (that had stopped helping). I couldn’t walk much more than 2 blocks before having back, hip, and leg pain lasting for hours… I was on a mission to find other possible answers and/or options… I finally found North American Spine…I was on top of the world again. I had my life back!!!”

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Some of our former patients have been kind enough to offer to speak with back and neck pain sufferers who are looking into treatment options. We encourage you to take them up on it! After we determine a treatment plan, we’ll connect you with a past patient who had a similar condition and procedure.

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