Radiculopathy Overview

Learn about the AccuraScope ProcedureCervical radiculopathy describes a pinched nerve that occurs when various types of tissue—including bones, muscles, cartilage or tendons—interfere with the normal pathways that carry nerves throughout the body. In the case of cervical radiculopathy, interference happens at or near the roots of nerves that branch from the upper portion of the spinal cord.

Symptoms often include pain that radiates from the affected nerve and down the arm, muscle weakness and numbness or tingling. Depending on the location of the pinched nerve, these symptoms may be felt in the shoulder area, the bicep or tricep muscles in the arm, and down into the thumb or middle finger.

North American Spine Can Help

North American Spine provides the minimally invasive Cervical AccuraScope procedure to relieve pressure caused by bulging discs, bone spurs and other matter compressing delicate nerves.
Most patients feel immediate relief following the outpatient procedure, and are able to resume light activities the very next day.

You don’t have to live with the chronic pain associated with cervical radiculopathy. Allow the specialists at North American Spine to help. Request a free MRI review.

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