Pinched Nerve Overview

Learn about the AccuraScope ProcedurePinched nerve is a general term used to describe a painful condition that occurs when any structure in your body puts abnormal pressure on a nearby nerve, or triggers nerve stretching or narrowing. When pressure affects a nerve root in or near your spinal column, the resulting condition is called a radiculopathy.

In many cases, the sharp pain that you feel in your neck, back or shoulders is an acute pain that will resolve with rest, proper posture, gentle stretches, and pain medication. It is important for every patient to try all conservative measures before exploring any type of spine surgery – even an outpatient procedure like the AccuraScope procedure.

Have you tried conservative treatments yet? Read our list of recommended conservative treatments before a minimally invasive procedure, and read pain prevention tips in our courtesy online magazine.

North American Spine Can Help

If you have been diagnosed by a medical professional with Pinched Nerve, your symptoms have continued for more than 3-6 months – and you have already tried conservative treatments including rest, pain medication, physical therapy, lifestyle adjustments and epidural steroid injections – then the AccuraScope procedure may be right for you. Contact a North American Spine patient coordinator to discuss your symptoms and previous treatments, and to receive a free review of your current MRI report.

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