Foraminal Stenosis (Narrowing) Overview

What is it?

Learn about the AccuraScope ProcedureForaminal narrowing, known more formally as foraminal stenosis, is an abnormal reduction in the size of nerve channels associated with your spinal bones, called foramina. It is one form a larger disorder known as spinal stenosis. Like other forms of this disorder, foraminal stenosis has a number of potential causes and common treatments.

Foraminal Anatomy

Foramina is the plural form of the word foramen. When nerve roots branch off from your spinal cord, they must have a way to pass through your spinal bones and continue on to the rest of your body. The spinal foramina, which form gaps between the rear sections of adjacent spinal bones (vertebrae), provide this passage. In addition to their proximity to your vertebrae, the spinal foramina pass near the intervertebral discs, which cushion your vertebrae and maintain proper spacing between them.

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