Facet Joint Syndrome Overview

What is it?

Learn about the AccuraScope ProcedureFacet joint syndrome is a disorder that affects the tiny joints in your back that connect your spinal bones (vertebrae). You rely on these joints for normal back movement. The onset of facet joint syndrome has several potential underlying causes.

Facet Joint Facts

Each of your spinal bones has two different facet joints. These joints sit on opposite sides of the rear section of the bone and provide connection points for the neighboring vertebrae. These connections help maintain your back’s structural integrity and allow you to make everyday twisting and bending motions. A smooth connective tissue, called cartilage, covers the bone surfaces inside each facet joint. In turn, the entire joint is enclosed in a sleeve-like soft tissue structure called a joint capsule. The interior surface of the joint capsule, called the synovium, secretes a lubricating substance called synovial fluid.

North American Spine Can Help

If you have been diagnosed with Facet Joint Syndrome and conservative treatments have failed to provide relief, allow the specialists at North American Spine to provide a free review of your MRI. Combined with a discussion about your symptoms, treatments and other medical history, your free MRI review can help to confirm the diagnosis and the minimally invasive treatment options available through North American Spine.

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