Annular Tear Overview

Learn about the AccuraScope ProcedureAn annular tear — also known as an annular fissure — is a rupture or opening in the annulus fibrosus, the tough outer layer of the cushioning discs that sit between the bones in the spine. When the gel-like substance inside the disc leaks out, it can come in contact with spinal nerves and trigger pain.

An annular tear can occur in the cervical spine, creating neck pain, and in the lumbar spine, creating pain or other sensations that may radiate down a single leg or both legs. The pain is often grows worse during lifting or bending motions, sneezing, coughing, sitting and standing.

North American Spine Can Help

If conservative treatments, such as physical therapy and pain medication, have not provided relief for your chronic pain, the next step may be an AccuraScope procedure. North American Spine’s exclusive AccuraScope procedure treats annual tears by repairing the rupture and relieving pressure on the spinal nerves caused by leaking disc fluid. After the outpatient AccuraScope procedure, most patients feel immediate relief and are able to resume light activities the very next day.

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The first step is to pinpoint the true cause of your chronic neck or back pain. Contact a North American Spine patient coordinator at (877) 474-2225 to discuss your symptoms, past treatments and medical history, combined with a free review of your MRI report.

North American Spine specialists can review your case and determine whether the AccuraScope is right for you.

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