Spinal Conditions and Ailments

North American Spine can transform your life by relieving debilitating back pain.

Back pain affects your every movement. Even getting into your car can be excruciating. And the problem is growing: four of every five adults will suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives. Patients have more choices than ever, and you must be educated to make the right choice.

No two backs are alike, and no one procedure is right for everyone. That’s why we believe a multi-disciplinary case review is so critical to your success. We want you be fully informed before you choose between traditional open spine surgery and North American Spine’s minimally invasive AccuraScope® procedure.

The AccuraScope procedure uses a natural opening at the base of your spine to access the space where disc problems occur.  Using the natural opening means the technique is less invasive, leading to faster recovery times and decreasing the risks associated with surgery.  Best of all, our unique approach allows physicians to treat multiple levels of the lumbar spine with one small incision – a benefit no other technique can offer.

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