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Quality of Life, Sex and Spine Surgery

Are you looking for another excellent reason to justify undergoing spine surgery to your spouse? If treating your intractable back pain from degenerative disc disease isn’t reason enough, a new research study may provide the motivation you’re seeking. Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco presented their findings at the recent 2015 Annual Meeting… read more

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Boozing and Gluttony Risks Chronic Back Pain

Springtime Easter and Passover celebrations have a way of inspiring many people to reconnect with family and renew themselves, spiritually and even physically! This can be a great opportunity to assess your chronic back pain, which began with a couple of herniated discs, and make a commitment to improve your wellbeing. After all, good health… read more

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Uncommon Upper Back Pain: Treatment

If you are like most of us, at the first sign of physical pain, you consult with buddies and family, and hope that somebody else survived whatever is now ailing you. But, when it comes to upper (thoracic) back pain, treatment and answers can be harder to extract from your council of non-medical ‘experts.’ This… read more

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Mood Matters Post Spine Surgery

You are better off cheering up when planning to undergo spine surgery for the treatment of nerve compression and pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis. This isn’t sarcasm talking. It’s pure science and it reflects the outcome from a study published recently in The Spine Journal. Patients who struggle with depression may be at risk… read more

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Gaming and Minimally Invasive Neck Surgery

As you squabble with your teenager, or husband, to put down the video game controller, you might want your minimally invasive neck surgeon to keep on playing Minecraft or World of Warcraft! Gaming might be killing your loved one’s cervical spine, leading to chronic pain and requiring neck pain treatment. But when surgeons blast away… read more