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Fitbit and Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Rehab

It’s embarrassing to admit it: You’re a hard-core couch potato who swears walking to your car in the morning constitutes cardio exercise. If you are planning to undergo minimally invasive back surgery, for a condition like degenerative disc disease, you may no longer be able to hide this dirty little secret. Of course you will… read more


Narcotics Not Worthwhile Back Pain Treatment

Guns and car crashes might not be as dangerous as narcotic chronic back pain treatment, for conditions like herniated disc and degenerative disc disease (statistically speaking that is…) This is perhaps another great reason to consider a microdiscectomy procedure when receiving treatment for a herniated disc, rather than depending on long term pain medication. According… read more


Study Says Your Chronic Back Pain Needs Sleep

It is no mystery that, when you suffer with a painful disability like spinal stenosis or an injury such as a herniated disc, restful sleep can be elusive. But now researchers believe agitated sleep could actually lead to chronic back pain. In this case, back pain treatment begins by addressing insomnia along with mitigating pain…. read more


Boost Focus for Back Pain Treatment

Should you be walking and chewing gum at the same time? After all, multitasking is the new normal and if you’re not texting, walking, talking, and chewing gum all at once, what does that say about you? It says you might not need urgent back pain treatment in the ER any time soon. According to… read more


Research Toward Preventing Chronic Back Pain

One of the most frustrating facts about your chronic low back pain is that it might have started with a preventable injury and acute pain from a simple misadventure like lifting a suitcase incorrectly. And then, failing to take proper care of yourself, you never got the right back pain treatment. So now that your… read more


Beating the Butt and Chronic Back Pain

Quitting a long-term habit can seem daunting when someone is coping with chronic back pain from a spine condition like degenerative disc disease. And yet, according to a new research study out of Northwestern University, preventing or beating chronic pain may in fact be closely linked with beating ‘the butt,’ or that nasty smoking habit…. read more