How the Lumbar AccuraScope Procedure Compares

Patients need to be informed about the differences between various spine surgery techniques. AccuraScope™ Procedure is a natural opening, minimally invasive spine procedure which can prevent traditional open spine surgery and is superior to other so-called minimally invasive techniques.

Other “Minimally Invasive” Techniques Are More Invasive

Other so-called “minimally invasive” techniques are very different from the AccuraScope procedure performed by North American Spine. The other procedures are more invasive; they may damage and/or remove healthy tissue, and even worsen Degenerative Disc Disease. They must rely on the poor diagnostic value of the MRI, and require multiple surgeries to treat multiple levels of the spine. Other minimally invasive procedures cannot remove scar tissue, and therefore are usually not indicated when a patient has had previous surgery or suffers from spinal stenosis. The AccuraScope is less invasive than other minimally invasive procedures.

Open Spine Surgery Means a Long, Painful Recovery

Open spine surgery is a high risk surgery with a poor success rate and a long, painful recovery time. Relying on the MRI, which has a poor diagnostic value, open spine surgery damages the skin, muscle, ligaments, bone, blood vessels, nerves, and normal disc tissue, and weakens the spine by damaging all of its supporting structures. Open spine surgery also causes significant scar tissue.

Comparison Chart:
AccuraScope Procedure Other Minimally Invasive Surgery Traditional Spine Surgery
Success: Extremely High Moderate Variable
Diagnostic Value: Extremely High None None
Risk: Very Low Low Moderate
Recovery: Days/Weeks Weeks Months
Internal Scarring/
Greater Pain:
Minimal Risk Minimal Risk Significant Risk
Tissue Damage: Little to None Moderate/Significant Extensive
Anesthesia Monitored Sedation Variable General Anesthesia
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