AccuraScope Procedures

AccuraScope Procedures

AccuraScope® Procedures

AccuraScope is a family of advanced, minimally invasive, laser spine procedures used to both diagnose and treat chronic back and neck pain of the lumbar, cervical, and thoracic regions. These procedures represent a significant advance over traditional minimally invasive procedures and encompass the following:

The Lumbar AccuraScope Procedures

The Lumbar AccuraScope Procedures treat lower back pain in the lumbar spine. These minimally invasive techniques allow the physician to maneuver to and relieve pain at multiple levels of the lumbar spine. Using a high definition camera and other diagnostic tools, these procedures can pinpoint multiple sources of chronic lower spine symptoms and treat them with the most advanced tools available, including lasers.

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The Thoracic AccuraScope Procedure

In the Thoracic AccuraScope Procedure, a physician uses a thin needle and laser to treat chronic upper back pain, caused by bulges, herniations or a narrowed spinal canal. A particular advantage of this procedure is that it can examine and treat discs on multiple levels, so if the physician suspects or sees another problem, he or she can deal with it during the same procedure. When the procedure is complete, the puncture site is covered with an adhesive bandage.

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The Cervical AccuraScope Procedures

If you have chronic neck pain, do not assume that you will require a fusion process to stabilize the vertebrae. The Cervical AccuraScope Procedures use a variety of advanced, minimally invasive techniques to reach the areas of the cervical spine that are causing pain, including live X-ray imaging, lasers, and surgical microscope viewing.

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testimonial photo of patient Bruce T.

“It’s been a 100% cure.” – Bruce T.

Pre-Surgery: The pain was nearly always there but usually it was pretty tolerable. Sometimes, however, it was terrible, especially in the mornings in the month or two before surgery.

Post Surgery: I haven’t taken a Tylenol or anti-inflammatory for months now and don’t feel restricted in any way. I’m an ER doctor. I see people with back pain all the time. I wish everyone I see could go to Dallas and get this done. It’s been a 100% cure. Thank you very much.

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