AccuraScope Procedure

AccuraScope Procedure

AccuraScope Procedure

North American Spine’s exclusive AccuraScope procedure treats neck, upper back and lower back pain using higher precision, providing better treatment and allowing faster recovery than other minimally invasive spine surgery.

The Lumbar AccuraScope Procedure

The most common AccuraScope Procedure treats lower back pain in the lumbar spine. It uses a thin, flexible catheter (tube) inserted into the opening of the spinal canal at the base. Once inside the center of the spinal canal, it can maneuver to multiple levels of the lumbar spine, both sides. Using a high definition camera and other diagnostic tools, the procedure’s goal is to pinpoint all sources of chronic lower spine symptoms and treat them with advanced tools including a laser. The outpatient procedure is typically less than 45 minutes.

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The Thoracic AccuraScope Procedure

In the thoracic AccuraScope procedure, a physician uses a needle to treat chronic upper back pain. Due to the rib cage, the need for surgery is typically lower than in other areas of the spine. However, when surgery is needed, even minimally invasive thoracic spine surgery can be challenging due to the same rib cage that protects us. Our thoracic procedure provides a less invasive alternative to treat bulging and herniated discs, and relieve pressure on the nerves in the spinal canal, with no incision.

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The Cervical AccuraScope procedure

If you have chronic neck pain, you do not need to assume that minimally invasive spine surgery will require a fusion to stabilize the vertebrae. Our cervical procedure uses a laser inserted through a hollow needle to treat the bulging or herniated disc causing you pain. The outpatient procedure, lasting less than 30 minutes, uses diagnostic tools to identify the source(s) of pain. The laser strategically shrinks the bulging disc and repairs tears, relieving the pressure on the nerves. There is no need to wait for relief.

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testimonial photo of patient Bruce T.

“It’s been a 100% cure.” – Bruce T.

Pre-Surgery: The pain was nearly always there but usually it was pretty tolerable. Sometimes, however, it was terrible, especially in the mornings in the month or two before surgery.

Post Surgery: I haven’t taken a Tylenol or anti-inflammatory for months now and don’t feel restricted in any way. I’m an ER doctor. I see people with back pain all the time. I wish everyone I see could go to Dallas and get this done. It’s been a 100% cure. Thank you very much.

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