Marcos Masini, PhD, M.D.

Dr. Marcos Masini

Physician Advisory Board Member


Dr. Masini graduated in Medicine from the Federal University of Uberlandia, MG in 1976. From there, he completed his residency in Ministry of Health at Federal District Hospital in 1979 and the Sarah Network of Rehabilition Hospitals in 1980. At the University of Nottingham, Royal Infirmary, Dr. Masini specialized in spinal neurosurgery beginning in 1982. Two years later, he received his Master of Medicine (Neurology) from the Federal University of Sao Paulo and in 2000 earned his PhD in Medicine, Neurology.

Relevant Experience:

Dr. Masini has practiced neurosurgery since 1980, operating at both Base Hospital, DF, and University of Brasilia Hospital. He was the Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Sarah Network of Rehabilitation Hospitals and the Chief of Neurosurgery at the Institute of Neurology and Cardiology. Dr. Masini is currently a Directing Holder at the prestigious Clinic Queops Neurosurgery and Neurology as well as a Professor at the School of Medicine at UNIPLAC University in Brazil.

Dr. Masini has served as President for multiple distinguished societies including the Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery (2002-2004), Association of Health Professionals in the Federal District (2000-2002), IX Brazilian Congress of Continuing Education (1999), XII Congress of ABNC (2007), Brazilian Academy of Neurosurgery (2005-2007) and Latin American Federation of Neurosurgery Societies – FLANC (2008-2010). At the Third World Spine Congress in Rio in 2005, he was the Chairman of the Scientific Committee. Dr. Masini has been awarded numerous prominent awards including the Santos Dumont Merit Medal in the Air Ministry, Professional of the Year – Athena Award and Integration in Latin American Award, Health – CIPIS. Dr. Masini has published 494 titles, including jobs, articles, abstracts, book chapters and books.