Frequently Asked Questions

A spine procedure is a big decision.  It is important that you fully understand your specific case and any procedure you may undergo.  Below are a few questions that our patient coordinators often answer for back pain sufferers looking for answers.  If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to use our “Ask an Expert” contact form or call us at 877-474-2225.

Q:  Where are you located?
A:  Our partner physicians are located in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Texas, where we have our headquarters. We also partner with physicians in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Mexico and Brazil. Most patients travel for their treatment. They travel only once, and most patients stay in the area only three to five days.

Q:  What is your specialty?
A:  North American Spine helps patients understand options for back pain procedures, and connects them to leading neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons and interventional pain management specialists.  Our partner physicians provide more than 30 medical procedures to treat back and neck pain, ranging from pain mapping to minimally invasive spine surgery to neurostimulation.  Our partner physicians are also the exclusive providers of the AccuraScope procedure, which provides a less invasive alternative to traditional minimally invasive spine surgery, according to clinical research.

Q:  How are you different from other minimally invasive spine surgery providers?
A:  Most minimally invasive spine surgery providers offer one procedure, and may only be interested in evaluating whether a patient can have the procedure – not whether that procedure is the most appropriate treatment for the patient’s specific case.  North American Spine is a highly ethics-driven company that focuses on providing the most appropriate recommendation to each patient based on a review of his or her MRI report and medical history – whether or not our partner physicians offer the recommended treatment.

Q: How is the AccuraScope procedure unique?
A: In the AccuraScope procedure, the physician inserts a very thin endoscope, holding a high-definition camera and a laser, into the spinal canal via an opening in the base of the spine.  The benefit of the AccuraScope procedure is that the physician is able to diagnose and treat multiple areas of the spine in one procedure, with less trauma.

Q:  Is the AccuraScope procedure covered by insurance?
A:  We work with most insurance providers to provide an affordable solution for your back pain.  We are happy to have our insurance department verify your benefits.  In summer 2012, the Journal of Neurosurgical Review is publishing a paper highlighting cost savings of patients who have had the AccuraScope procedure.  Please contact us at 877-474-2225 for more information.

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Q:  What types of back pain do you treat?
A:  We are able to connect you to physicians who treat a wide variety of chronic back and neck pain causes.

Q: Is it possible to talk to someone who has had a spine procedure at North American Spine?
A:  Yes, in addition to watching videos or reading messages from our patients, you may talk directly to a patient to have all of your questions answered candidly.  More than 5,000 people have had the AccuraScope procedure, and our satisfaction rate is higher than 95%.