About Us

Who We Are

North American Spine brings together spine specialists from several fields including Orthopedic Spine, Neurosurgery and Pain Management dedicated to the relief of chronic back pain.  These physicians work together to provide patients with a truly multi-disciplinary case review in order to determine the most conservative way to treat their spine problems effectively.  This multi-disciplinary approach may include interventional pain management, orthopedic spine surgery and neurosurgery depending on the needs of the individual patient.  All of their efforts are designed to tailor the appropriate treatment to each patient, rather than fitting one treatment method to every patient who walks through the door.

We are TRULY minimally invasive

Unlike other practices that call themselves minimally invasive while performing traditional surgeries through smaller incisions, North American Spine is unique. We are innovative. By adopting a thorough case review in the early stages of the process, patients are directed to the appropriate treatment method – whether that means an AccuraScope procedure, another type of minimally invasive laser spine surgery, or a spinal fusion.  The physicians working with North American Spine have more treatment options available to offer patients than any other group.  . For many practices, “minimally invasive” is a meaningless marketing phrase. These practices are often built around treating every patient with just one or two procedures. Our approach recognizes the simple truth that no two spines are alike, and leads patients to the least invasive procedure that is most likely to improve their individual issues.

A Unique Approach

The AccuraScope™ DND procedure for the lumbar spine takes the least invasive approach possible, through a natural opening, to allow simultaneous diagnosis and treatment of the various causes of nerve root compression. By entering the spinal canal through the sacral hiatus, these Fellowship-trained pain management physicians can view directly, with a high-definition scope, the inflamed and damaged tissues causing the pain and treat them at the same time. This unique approach and equipment allows us to treat multiple lumbar levels in a single procedure, with a single incision. No other practice can offer this advantage.