Spinal Surgery

Laser spinal surgery is used to correct problems in the spine that do not respond to more conservative treatments. A variety of surgical procedures create options for patients who require spinal surgery. Some are minimally invasive procedures, such as the AccuraScope™ D.N.D. surgery developed by North American Spine. Please contact us for more information about your back surgery alternatives and if you have any questions regarding back surgery recovery.

Other Treatment Options

  • Microdiscectomy (Microdecompression): partial disc removal to relieve spinal nerve compression
  • Spinal fusion: fuses two or more spinal segments to relieve pain; sometimes other procedures require fusion surgery to maintain spinal stability
  • Laminectomy: bone material is removed to relieve nerve compression caused by spinal stenosis

Early spinal surgery techniques required cutting open and exposing portions of the patient’s spine in order to perform the operation, which causes tissue damage and scar tissue, lengthening the amount of recovery time needed by the patient. Minimally invasive surgery techniques are designed to lessen the impact and stress of surgery while still providing a clinical benefit to the patient. Many of these spinal surgery techniques depend on endoscopy to provide the surgeon with an inside view of the patient’s spine. Even some types of spinal fusion surgery may be replaced by minimally invasive techniques.

If you suffer from debilitating back pain, the noninvasive AccuraScope™ D.N.D. surgery technique developed by North American Spine may be able to free you from pain, and eliminate the need for more invasive techniques, while avoiding some of the risks associated with traditional back surgery. Please contact us for a consultation by calling 877-474-2225 today.