Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Sitting in gridlocked traffic is your worst nightmare. You are the type of person who always has to be on the go and getting things done. You are a ‘mountain mover’ and you might also be prone to chronic low back pain! In this case, minimally invasive spine surgery could alleviate not only your physical […]

Deciding to undergo back surgery is not easy for anybody.  Doctors will attempt to treat their patients in the most conservative way before recommending even minimally invasive back surgery for conditions like spinal stenosis or herniated discs.  But when doing basic tasks of your daily life, like caring for your children, becomes unbearable, surgery may […]

If you are like many other normal people in the 21st century, trying to make sense of their neck and back pain related to conditions like degenerative disc disease, you too head straight to Google for your answers.  You may even search online for your doctor’s diagnosis and try to figure out whether you should […]

There is no ideal time to schedule minimally invasive back surgery, especially for professional athletes. Taking time out from the tour means they forfeit opportunities to rack up wins and earnings. But savvy sportsmen also know that getting the right treatment before their injury becomes irreversible is critical. This was no doubt what Wimbledon champ […]

Sitting on cold hard bleacher seats watching marathon swim meets, or football games in sub-freezing temperatures is enough to inflict the hardiest fans with back pain.  But, if you suffer with a preexisting condition like degenerative disc disease or herniated discs it is just downright torturous, and increasing the likelihood for needing minimally invasive spine […]

The surveys were tabulated and the latest ‘Best Hospitals’ rankings came out in U.S. News and World Report. We are proud to report that our highly trained partner physicians have trained at some of these top-rated institutions. For example, minimally invasive procedure pros, Dr. Abram Burgher and Dr. Damon Noto have received advanced training at […]

Being sidelined with spinal stenosis was not part of the game plan for NBA legend and television sports announcer Bill Walton.    According to a recent report in the Asbury Park Press, undergoing a minimally invasive procedure allowed Walton to regain his active lifestyle.  The nearly-7-foot tall retired pro experienced the first of 37 injury […]

The North American Spine team and partner physicians understand the agony people endure when suffering with chronic pain from conditions like spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease.  A recent study reported on WebMd, indicating that suicide risk is positively correlated with chronic back pain, supports North American Spine’s commitment to help as many people as possible […]

Weekly news stories about professional athletes sustaining serious back injuries and undergoing minimally invasive spine surgery are no shocker.  But what may be surprising is that back pain and spine injuries can be triggered by one of the most passive activities: slouching.  It’s true!  Granted, slouching is more a habit than an activity, but nonetheless […]