Spinal Stenosis Illustration

Spinal Stenosis Overview

Spinal stenosis is defined as “narrowing of the
spinal canal.”

The most common causes of spinal stenosis are age-related changes including a bulging or collapsed
disc, increase in the size of your bones and joints, formation of bone spurs and hardening or
thickening of the ligaments that help support your spine.

Nerves can become pinched and irritated, causing symptoms including back or neck pain, pain that
radiates down your leg, arm or leg weakness, a weakening of the foot called foot drop, and muscle
cramping or numbness that appears in your back, neck, arms, legs, buttocks or shoulders.

Spinal Stenosis Overview

North American Spine’s AccuraScope procedure treats Spinal Stenosis

Learn about the AccuraScope Procedure
North American Spine’s AccuraScope procedure treats Spinal Stenosis by shrinking and repairing bulging discs, removing spinal nerve compression.

Many patients feel immediate relief after the outpatient AccuraScope procedure, and return to light activities the following day.

In cases where Spinal Stenosis-related pain is originating from a cause other than a bulging disc, your North American Spine patient coordinator will discuss an advanced, minimally invasive treatment offered by our highly trained specialists.

The best treatment for spinal stenosis is to identify and address the underlying cause. Allow North American Spine to help you by requesting a free MRI review.

“I walked out of my procedure with no pain…”

John B., Age 57, Location: OH.
Pre-Surgery Lifestyle: My lower back and hips were in constant pain and I could not walk more than 50 to 75 yards or bend down to pick anything up without increasing the pain. I was a very active person before my back problems and this pain put a damper on my life style.

Post-Surgery Outcome: I walked out after my procedure with no pain and the
only pain I have had was in the front of my legs because I was walking right
again and stretching my legs out as I walked as I did before my back pain started.
To date I have no pain and life is great.

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