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chronic back pain

You have been suffering with back pain for too long. You have been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, like a bulging disc, and told you may need a surgical procedure at some point.

You have tried all other treatments… but painkillers, physical therapy and even epidural steroid injections are not enough.

You are looking for a solution. The AccuraScope procedure has been the answer for more than 8,000 people just like you.

Diagnose and Treat Multiple Lumbar Levels

North American Spine’s exclusive AccuraScope Procedure is a minimally invasive, innovative pain management procedure used to both diagnose and treat inter-vertebral lumbar discs, spinal stenosis and many other causes to reduce and cure chronic back pain.

Using a live x-ray for guidance, our partner physicians may insert an endoscopic fiber-optic scope through a tiny incision in the skin and into a natural opening at the base of the spine. The physician examines the inside of the spinal canal and the discs of the lower back, from both sides of the spinal canal, to identify any tears, ruptures, herniations, bulges, scar tissues or other abnormalities.

after accurascope

He or she identifies inflammation and diagnoses the pain source in real time. The physician then uses a number of instruments, including a laser, to shrink the damaged disc(s) or scar tissue, or treat the spinal stenosis, and relieve pressure on the spinal nerve(s).

This mild spine procedure is usually completed in 30 to 40 minutes and requires only a band-aid or single stitch

Unlike most minimally invasive surgery, the AccuraScope procedure allows the physician to diagnose and treat multiple causes of chronic lower back pain in one short outpatient procedure, significantly reducing the need for additional procedures.

Faster Recovery

Many patients experience immediate relief. Patients are returned to the recovery area and are usually discharged approximately one hour after the surgery. Patients typically walk the same day of their AccuraScope procedure, and many start gentle physical therapy exercises the next day. Many patients can resume normal activities the following day, and most can return to work in under a week.

The Accurascope Procedure at a Glance

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